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SEO Best Practices

To stay competitive online and rank high with Google and other search engines you must follow these current SEO best practices.

1. Create Detailed SEO Plan for All Content

Before any content is written for your website pages, social media, and blogs. You need to know who you are writing for and what they are searching for when looking for your business. Once your research is complete then and only then, it’s time to create your plan including keywords, URLs, titles, meta tags, links, and your tag & categories. You are now ready to write viable SEO driven content to attract your audience while keeping Google happy! Need a pro? We are here to help call 321 872-7816

2. Use Targeted Catagories & Tags

People and search engines love a website that is full of valuable content and easy to navigate. Seach bars and an organized category and tag system are a must-have. The easier it is for a website visitor to find your content and related items the longer they will stay on your website.

3. Optimize your Images

Photos can enhance your website visitor experience or make them leave in a hurry. Make sure your images are the best they can be every image needs to be titled in accordance with your keyword plan, compressed, and set to lazy load. Learn more 

4. Compelling Meta Tags

This short description of each page is shown in search descriptions and is best at 160 characters or less. This is SEO gold make sure to include keywords and information to inspire people to click through to the blog or other pages on your website.

5. Use Internal and External Links

Links have evolved and are now a necessity for SEO Success and a good experience for your users. Internal links make it easy for people to find relevant content included on your website. External links give you SEO merit, especially when linking to reputable websites, and it’s a great way to promote your social media and educate visitors.

6. Optimize your Website for Speed

All settings on your website, theme, and plugins must be set for the best speed possible. Nothing makes a visitor leave faster than a website that isn’t loading fast.

7. Add an SEO Plugin

Plugins like Yoast SEO Pro and Yoast Local will help your website climb the google rankings. Although the free version is better than nothing, it is well worth the investment to get a pro version of this important SEO tool.

Have you followed these SEO best practices on your website? If not, it’s probably time for a website upgrade and a successful online marketing campaign! Need more information? Learn more about SEO. +

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