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In the past few decades, major shifts in marketing came with the advent of the internet.  Today, over four and a half billion people access the internet. For online marketers, this means access to billions of internet users. Of course, the numbers go down quite a bit as you move to specific niches, but the potential is still pretty huge. Especially if you plan for a local-focused strategy in your business website including SEO, search engine optimization, keyword planning, professional content, and social media planning. 

Due to the pandemic in 2020, there are more people than ever online now more than ever it is important to make sure you have a good consistent online business image. Something that tells people about your business, is professional, and shares your expertise. The best way to make that excellent first impression online is via your website.

How to Make a Good Impression with Your Website Online

A website says a lot about a business, even its color and design give out a certain vibe

Making a good first impression online with potential customers starts with a great website. Sometimes this can be possible without hiring a professional website developer if you have the time, expertise, and skills required But if you are looking for a successful online strategy where clients find your website and stay there once they do, there are a lot of advantages you get by opting for an expert website developer versed in the current best practices. Let’s discuss a few of the major ones in detail.

1. First Impressions

It is important to understand the significance of a well-designed website. A website’s design is the first thing that tells users how professional you are. Even if you have the most captivating material on your website, and the design says differently, you are likely to lose potential clients. Hiring a professional website developer can help you with that. Being an expert in this area, a pro will design your website in a way that entices your potential customers, is fast, easy to navigate and understand, as well as giving out a professional vibe. 

2. Search Engine Optimization, SEO Success

A successful website is built for SEO Success in Google and other search engines and all of the following need to be correct to optimize your SEO and show up in the searches! These items are the website platform, back-end setup, professionally written content with a keyword and links strategy, and expert partners such as Yoast for SEO and WPEngine for fast reliable hosting. Not all website design companies are the same. Make sure they know and understand the importance of a complete strategy to promote your business website’s success. 

3. User Friendliness

One of the core traits of an expert website developer is that they always take into account the view of a customer, and design the website accordingly. This results in a website that is highly user-friendly, fully responsive and offers all the important information at their fingertips. Experts such as BeachSide Web Solutions integrate each and every part of your website with links to make information easily accessible for all users on all devices.

4. Custom Solutions

Another great reason why you should always hire a professional website developer is they have the knowledge and experience to offer you great customized solutions. In other words, such developers take their expertise and provide you with ideas and technology for custom websites and marketing plans perfect for your business goals and client needs. Professional web developers know the best ways to integrate what you want with what will be best, resulting in a unique and enthralling website for your current and potential clients.

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