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When you create a 10 Second video to introduce yourself and your company to the website visitors it makes them feel more at home and comfortable with you.

A good first impression is imperative to earn the business of your website and social media visitors. People like to know who they are doing business with when choosing a local business to patronize. When done correctly, the best way to grab attention and make a great first impression is with a 10-second video for your business.

If you have a storefront, set up a tripod or have someone tape the video for you. Make sure to take landscape videos, not portraits. Start with a full screen showing the full storefront and zoom in on the door area as you walk into the screen smiling and waving, open the door, and invite them in with a wave. For a great example of the perfect 10-second video to introduce your company.

If you provide service outside of an office location you can use the tips above and just substitute your company vehicle or hold a sign for your business with a big smile and friendly wave. Read more tips to make your business photos and videos look professional.

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